The Secret of The Compassionate Friends

The secret of The Compassionate Friends’ success is simple: There is no line between being a helper and being helped.  In the early months of peoples’ membership in TCF, it seems that most of the time is spent absorbing ideas, crying and letting the grief flow, and “learning the ropes” of being a bereaved parent.  The next step is reaching out to others and helping them.  It is not a big step, for listening to another person sort out his life helps us to sort out our lives, too.  But it is an important step, because it is the first point at which the movement is reversed.  All the energy had been going inward.  We had been feeling so empty inside that we kept withdrawing into ourselves.  But at the point when we turn around is the point when we first listen to another, speak the words of comfort and hope, share our pain instead of just feeling our pain.  At that time the real healing has started.
— Dennis Klass, Ph.D.

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