Introducing The Compassionate Friends

Support and friendship to parents and families after the death of their son or daughter at any age and from any cause

When a son or daughter dies

“No death so sad”: that is how many bereaved parents describe the devastating loss of their son or daughter. No one expects to attend their own child’s funeral, yet every year thousands of newly bereaved families face a future in which their lives have been changed for ever.

Immediately after the death, parents and families are usually surrounded by relatives, friends and those in the caring professions. Later this support often lessens just when the pain of bereavement seems to grow more intense. This is when The Compassionate Friends offers continuing help, which is there for as long as the parents and family want.

The Compassionate Friends

A feeling common among newly bereaved parents is that those around them cannot truly understand the depth of their grief, that only someone who has “been through it themselves” could possibly know what they are feeling.

The Compassionate Friends (TCF) was founded in 1969 and is an organisation of bereaved parents and their families helping others through their grief, It is open to all parents whose son or daughter has died at any age and from any cause. The death of their child brings many difficulties within a family; in TCF we know that there is no easy path through the pain and we do not offer simple solutions. What we do offer is continuing understanding, friendship and encouragement. We also offer support to grandparents and siblings.

While religious or spiritual beliefs are undoubtedly helpful to some parents, TCF as an organisation has no such affiliations.

compassionate friends

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